Current Homeland Security Threat Level


What does this mean? An Elevated Condition is declared when there is a significant risk of terrorist attacks. In addition to the Protective Measures taken in the previous Threat Conditions, Federal departments and agencies should consider the following general measures in addition to the Protective Measures that they will develop and implement:

  • Increasing surveillance of critical locations
  • Coordinating emergency plans as appropriate with nearby jurisdictions
  • Assessing whether the precise characteristics of the threat require the further refinement of preplanned Protective Measures
  • Implementing, as appropriate, contingency and emergency response plans

What should I do? The American Red Cross has an informative slideshow with advice on what you can do to prepare yourself, your family, your neighborhood, your school, and your business. You can view this information by going here (will open in a new window).

I still have questions! The American Red Cross has prepared an excellent Question and Answer sheet which should be able to answer most questions you have regarding the various Homeland Security Threat Levels. This information is available here (will open in a new window).

Preparing for an Emergency

It's important to prepare yourself for any type of disaster - from Terrorist incidents to natural disasters such as hurricanes, blizzards, etc. The key point to remember is not to panic ... by creating an action plan ahead of time, and having your disaster supplies ready will go a long way towards giving you piece of mind and letting you focus on protecting yourself and your family.

Get More Information

The following websites can provide more details about planning and preparing for any type of disaster situation. You'll find supplies checklists, action plans, and more information about protecting yourself & family in the event of a disaster. Simply click on the name of the website below to have it open in a new window:

American Red Cross "Be Prepared for Disaster"

Public Administration "Creating an Emergency Plan " (from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security)

U.S. Department of Homeland Security


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